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PMC for Redevelopment

 According to the most recent guidelines published by the Government of Maharashtra on July 4, 2019, and the most recently implemented UNIFIED DEVELOPMENT CONTROL PROMOTION REGULATIONS (UDCPR) by the Maharashtra Government, the government has made the appointment of a project management consultant for redevelopment projects mandatory.

Once the society's members decide on the redevelopment model they intend to use, TEC experts carefully examine every facet of the project.

Feasibility Report:

The feasibility study is a comprehensive document that covers all the information and elements thought to be important for a building's rehabilitation. The findings of the assessment will be incorporated in the form of Project Feasibility Report that will guide us about the rationality and the financial potential and prospect of the project. The Project Feasibility Report will give us indication about the budget and thereby representing the actual funds required for the execution of the redevelopment and thereby indicating towards the potential of the project; it will be pointer as regards the prospect of the project and based on the same we can infer on the benefits that the society will be able to get pleasure of.

Tendering & Developer Evaluation:

Evaluation of offers provided by interested parties is done in order to get the best bargain. The developer is chosen mostly based on past performance and track record. The analysis would look at his present delivery, cash flow requirement and assessment, average time spent building the projects, and his ability to deliver on commitment.

Project Monitoring:

With the use of our online tool Project Monitoring, which uses technology to monitor ongoing projects, members of society can closely track their development without having to frequently visit the website. The tool would display building progress together with images of the project. To promote transparency throughout the entire process, meetings, conversations, and documents relating to the project would be made available online. TEC would respond with a solution and a compliance report when alerts were sent to all participants or a closed group to identify an issue.


NoName of ProjectLocationArea (sq ft)Project costRemarks
1Royal residencyLalbaug20000060 CrCompleted in 2014
2Magnum TowersLalbaug900000300 CrCompleted in 2018
3Bldg. No 1 & 2Tawripada, Parel27000090 CrCompleted in 2019
4Proposed redevelopment project of Nutan Kalpana CHSMulund249000130 CrIn progress