Comprehensive Consultancy & Construction Solutions

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company


INTEGRATED:  Providing a complete and wide range of service packages in strategic, marketing, technological, and engineering aspects. This integrated approach and the extensive experience of our Senior Engineers enable us to provide unique solutions to our clients.

INTERACTIVE:  Assisting our clients to implement integrated solutions through communication, cooperation, and coordination, which also help to develop a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with them.

INDEPENDENT:  Above all, TEC puts emphasis on meeting the highest quality standards and working as an independent private company, working with its own tools and systems,  offering neutral and unprejudiced consulting services.


We, at TEC, are committed to upholding the quality aspects of Design, Engineering, Standards, and Methodologies in the Execution of projects undertaken by us through

>   Education and training programs for all the team members in the organization.
>   Issue of quality policy and the systems and
ensuring implementation.
>   The continuous feedback from our customers & own sources.
>   Updating the latest technologies and Methodologies.

TEC is committed to developing and nurturing seamless partnerships with our clients ensuring delivery is the best at all times.

Quality is the motto and the hallmark of TEC which is further taken forward by obtaining ISO 9001:2008 & later ISO 9001:2015  certificates for consultancy services in Project management Services for Industrial, Residential, Hospitality, Health Care Projects, and Engineering Designs in various  Disciplines namely, Architectural, Structural and Electrical and Mechanical including Heat  Ventilation & Air Conditioning and preparation of Drawings and Documents for  PRE & POST Construction for ongoing and conclusion of a project. First Quality  Certification Private Limited as approved by  International Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle  D-ZM-19276-01-00 Rat (DAR) .

We at TEC, are committed to a definitive and clear SHE (Safety, Health, and Environment) policy, Upholding the slogan “Safety First and Safety Last”, Educating and Training our employees to adopt the safe method of work, Conducting Safety Training, Usage of Personal Protective Equipment, Identification of unsafe acts and conditions and its rectification by continual safety awareness program. Management standards of the organization ensure safety objectives fulfillment by the display of safety policy, circulation of a safety manual to key personnel at each site, and continual review for improvement.